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City of Lincoln
Survey Benchmarks


-BC or BOCBack Of Curb or top of curb
-BWIBack of Walk Intersection (where the back side of 2 sidewalks intersect)
-CBMCity Benchmark (a 2" brass cap set in a square concrete post and stamped: "City BM or City of Lincoln). CBM's are also located in some island noses.
-HYDFire hydrant
-LCSMLancaster County Survey Monument (Lancaster County sets standard 21/2" aluminum caps on most of the section corners they have recovered. These caps are stamped with the following information: LCSM and include the township, range and section numbers).
-P/LProperty Line
-TATail of Arrow (the tail or "feathers" of the arrow on the upper portion of a hydrant bonnet, to show which direction to OPEN the valve). These arrows are found in various places on different styles of hydrants. For example: near the very top nut, and these are usually very small arrows; on the flange of newer hydrants, and these are usually very large arrows.
"107"Mueller fire hydrants that were made during their 107th anniversary have the number "107" stamped into the flange of the bonnet. When "107" shows up in a description, it may be worded, "NE '107' on flange of hyd, SW cor". Which means the "107" is printed on the hydrant more than once so the "107" that was used was the northeast "107", on the southwest corner of said intersection.
-60P NailThese are very large nails.

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Survey Benchmarks