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Coping With Construction: Resources

Temporary Guide Sign Rules, Regulations and Application Form

Rules and Regulations for Businesses Using Temporary Guide Signs on Public Street Right-Of-Way

In order to help businesses communicate with their customers during construction projects that affect traffic and access, the City of Lincoln allows businesses to post temporary guide signs on City right-of-way. In most cases, this right-of-way is the land adjacent to the street curb.

For safety reasons, certain rules and regulations need to be followed in order to obtain permission to use these signs on public right-of-way. Sign designs and locations must be approved by the Department of Public Works and Utilities. Formal approval is granted through a permit application process. Once you are familiar with this handout, fill out the Temporary Guide Sign Permit Application Form (43 K) Acrobat Document and submit it to the contact listed on the form.

Your permit application signifies that you have read and agree to follow these rules. City staff may remove or relocate - without notice - any signs found to be in violation of these rules.

Sign Design

There are many local businesses that can assist you in producing temporary guide signs. They are listed under "Signs" in the Yellow Pages. When designing your signs, be sure to adhere to these below guidelines:

Sign Placement

Examples of acceptable signs:

Channel post sign "Real estate" style - metal frame Brief phase indicating route
Channel post sign. "Real estate" style - metal frame. Brief phrase indicating route.

Download Application form for Temporary Guide Sign (69 K) Acrobat Document

• This document includes rules and regulations for temporary guide signs as well as the application form.


Coping With Construction: Resources