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Guiding Principles and Procedures - A Web Page Resource for Project Management

Guiding Principles and Procedures
for Public Works & Utilities
"A Project Management Tool on the Web"

This website is intended to be used as a project management tool in order to improve consistency in how the City of Lincoln Public Works & Utilities Department (PW&U) approaches the management of public infrastructure projects. The experiences of the past, coupled with the expectations of the present, have been documented here so that each and every future project may be approached in a similar manner.

Having construction plans, specifications, and estimates (PS&E documents) that are prepared alike, organized uniformly, look the same, feel equivalent, and approached similarly will result in users of those PS&E documents feeling comfortable and familiar in their use. Unexpected changes, cost increases, and delays should be reduced through the use of this project management tool.

This tool is intended to be active and living documentation that will require consistent review, constant refinement, and timely additions as needed. Please feel free to contact the Design/Construction Section of Engineering Services with your suggestions and comments.

Updated May 23, 2018

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Notice of Disclaimer: The City of Lincoln Public Works & Utilities Department (PW&U) makes this information available as a service. This information is subject to change by PW&U at any time. This information is intended to cover most situations encountered during a project. This is not intended to replace common sense. These Guiding Principles & Procedures will not be exact for every project, as the particular circumstances may dictate variations from the norm. In presenting, implementing and executing the general policies, specifications, procedures and guiding principles contained on this website, it is not the intent of the Department of Public Works and Utilities to conflict with City, State or Federal laws, codes, or regulations. Please contract us immediately if you note such a conflict.