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Projects Under Construction

Sidewalk Projects Under Construction

Various Locations (6/5/14)

This repair contract includes various locations various locations south of Highway 2 from 14th to 27th, and also in the area east of 27th to the east city limits from "A" to the south city limits.

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Various Locations (5/5/14)

This repair contract includes various locations north of "A" Street from 8th Street to the east city limits, and South 9th Street to South 27th Street between Nebraska Highway 2 and "A" Street.

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Clinton Neighborhood, 27th and Mopac Trail Area (4/18/14)

This repair contract encompasses the area from 27th Street to 30th Street from Mopac Trail to Fair Street and 28th Street from Fair Street to Leighton Avenue.

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27th from Leighton to "N" Area (4/10/14)

This repair contract encompasses both sides of 27th Street from Leighton Avenue to "N" Street.

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