Roundabout Projects

Planned Projects

Coddington and West Van Dorn
This project will provide needed safety improvements at the intersection of Coddington Avenue and West Van Dorn Street. The goal is to reduce the number of vehicle crashes by significantly reducing the number of conflict points at the intersection. To do so, the existing intersection will be reconstructed as a single-lane roundabout.

Completed Roundabouts

1st and Adams
As a part of a rehabilitation project on 1st Street, a roundabout was constructed at the intersection of N 1st Street and Adams Street. In the past, left turns onto N 1st street from Adams and left turns from southbound N 1st Street onto Adams were difficult to make at times. While vehicles waited to make these turns traffic would stack up behind the turning vehicles. The roundabout will make these turning movements easier and keep traffic flowing smoothly.
10th and Salt Creek Roadway - Haymarket Infrastructure Project
This project represents the first transportation and roadway work for the West Haymarket, providing access to Memorial Stadium and the arena. Construction began in April 2011 opened to traffic in August 2011.
14th & Superior / Alvo
As part of the City's Capital Improvement Plan, the City of Lincoln installed a multi-lane roundabout at 14th & Superior and a single-lane roundabout at 14th & Alvo. The project also included widening of 14th Street north of Superior Street, reconstruction of the 14th Street Bridge over I-80 and utility improvements throughout this area, including a water main expansion.
33rd and Sheridan
Lincoln's first roundabout, at the intersection of 33rd and Sheridan, opened on June 26, 2002. The priority of this project was to improve safety. In the city's list of high accident intersections, 33rd and Sheridan ranked first in 1998 and fifth in 2000. Because of the safety factor, the city received funds from the Federal Highway Administration to implement the project.