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School Crossing Safety

School Crossing Protection Program

School Crossing Protection Program

  1. The responsibility to get children to and from school safely is primarily a parental responsibility, with support and cooperation from drivers, the school, city, and community.
  2. The program should encourage children to become safety conscious. Parents should insure that their children learn to cross the streets safely with a minimum reliance on others.
  3. The program should promote driver cooperation and compliance in school crossing areas.
  4. To achieve the maximum impact of the program, school crossings should only be established at locations that meet minimum standards set by the Public Works & Utilities Department.
  5. All school crossing control devices and policies must be consistent city-wide and comply with the requirements of the Federal Highway Administration's "Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices".

Intent, Goals and Contents of Manual

The intent of this manual is to provide parents, school officials, school safety groups, City officials and the public with current policies and guidelines regarding the School Crossing Protection Program in Lincoln, Nebraska. The City's School Crossing Protection Program has been in existence since 1963.

The goal of this manual is to encourage greater public participation and understanding of the safety needs of children walking to and from school.

The contents of this manual are based upon the recommended guidelines of the Institute of Transportation Engineers and requirements of the Federal Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices.


School Crossing Safety