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School Crossing Protection Program

Pedestrian Signal Indications

The pedestrian signal indications are intended to guide pedestrians crossing a roadway. Signals alone do not guarantee a safe crossing; however, with compliance on the part of the pedestrian and driver, they can provide the needed safety. The meaning of the pedestrian signal indications are:

'WALK' Pedestrian Signal A white symbol of a walking person or a "WALK" indication means that a pedestrian may step off the curb and start across the street.

A flashing orange symbol of an upraised hand or a flashing "DON'T WALK" indication means:

'DON'T WALK' Pedestrian SignalA steadily illuminated upraised hand or a steady "DON'T WALK" indication means that a pedestrian should be out of the street since vehicles crossing his or her path have a green light.


School Crossing Protection Program