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School Crossing Protection Program

School Routes

The walking school route map is the foundation of each school's safety program. It permits the orderly review of school area traffic control needs, coordination of pedestrian safety education, Police enforcement, and Traffic Engineering activities.

A walking school route map was originally prepared by each elementary school under the direction and guidelines of the Public Works Department, Engineering Services Division. These maps are now maintained and updated annually, as needed, by the Public Works & Utilities Department Engineering Services Division in cooperation with the Lincoln Public Schools and the Lincoln Police Department.

In establishing the most direct and shortest walking routes, consideration was given to the:

  1. Location of the school.
  2. Residences of children.
  3. Existing traffic controls.
  4. Streets that would serve the largest number of children.

Th walking school route map shows the street network, traffic signals, marked and signed crosswalks and school speed zones. The authorized major walking routes have been indicated by arrows and are the recommended walking routes to and from school. In some instances the major walking route may not be the most direct route for a child; however, in such cases the inconvenience of walking a longer distance is compensated by assuring an appropriate type of protection at locations where children are required to cross.


School Crossing Protection Program