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Speed Limit

Speed Zones Promote Safe & Consistent Traffic Flow

Speed zones promote consistent traffic flows and safe street conditions for pedestrians and drivers. The speed limit for most streets is 25 mph. Higher speed limits are set for Lincoln's arterial streets.

The Basic Speed Law is a guide used by all 50 states: "No person shall drive a a speed greater than is reasonable or prudent...and in no event at the speed which endangers the safety of persons or property." Unfortunately, not all drivers adhere to this basic law. Studies indicate that 15% of all motorists typically drive faster than what is safe and reasonable, regardless of road conditions and posted speed limit.

Speed limits are set to accommodate the 85% of motorists who drive at a safe and reasonable speed.

Requests to Change the Designated Speed Limit

Citizens sometimes request that the speed limit be lowered in an area. A review of the situation often indicates that the designated speed limit is appropriate but is exceeded by some motorists creating problems.

The 25 mph speed limit applies to residential streets, school zones, and congested business districts. This limit still allows for a reasonable flow of traffic and safe crossing of streets by pedestrians.

On arterial streets, speed limits are set based on traffic volume, accident records, roadway design, prevailing speed of traffic and pedestrian use. Setting a limit too low can result in inconsistent traffic flows, increased passing of vehicles and traffic congestion. Conditions like these can lead to frustration on the part of motorists and sometimes decreases the level of safety in an area, rather than improving these conditions.

Driver Cooperation is the Way To Go

It is the mission of the Lincoln Public Works and Utilities Department to provide citizens a safe convenient, accessible and affordable transportation system.

Where there is confusion about a particular speed limit, speed limit signs may improve the situation. Where flagrant violations of a speed limit occur on a regular basis, police enforcement may be needed.

The best way to keep traffic flowing and citizens safe is voluntary compliance with speed limits. It's the "Way to Go."

For more information call the Public Works and Utilities Deparment
Engineering Services Division
at 441-7711

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