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Traffic Signals

Traffic Signal and Left Turn Phase Evaluations

Traffic Signal Warrants

Traffic signals should not be considered for installation unless one or more of the following warrants are met:

Warrant 1 - Eight-Hour Vehicular Volume

This warrant is intended for application where a large volume of intersecting traffic is the principal reason for consideration of signal installation. This warrant applies to operating conditions where the traffic volume on a major street is so heavy that traffic on a minor intersecting street suffers excessive delay or hazard in entering a major street. Minimum volumes are given for each of any 8 hours of an average day.

Warrant 2 - Four-Hour Vehicular Volume

This warrant is satisfied when each of any 4 hours of an average day are above a certain volume combination for the major and minor streets.

Warrant 3 - Peak Hour Vehicular Volumes

This warrant is intended for application when traffic conditions are such that for a minimum of one hour of an average day, minor street traffic suffers undue traffic delay in entering or crossing the major street.

Warrant 4 - Pedestrian Volume

This warrant states that a traffic signal may be installed where the pedestrian volume crossing the major street at a location during an average day is:

and there shall be less than 60 adequate gaps per hour in the traffic stream.

Warrant 5 - School Crossing

This warrant states a traffic signal may be installed at an established school crossing where the number of adequate gaps in the traffic stream is less than one per minute in the period when children are using the crossing and there are a minimum of 20 students crossing during the highest crossing hour.

Warrant 6 - Coordinated Signal System

This warrant specifies conditions where a traffic signal may be warranted in order to maintain proper platooning of vehicles.

Warrant 7 - Accident Experience

This warrant is satisfied when an adequate trial of less restrictive remedies has failed to reduce the crash frequency of five or more reported crashes of types susceptible to correction by traffic signal control and minimum vehicle and pedestrian volumes are present.

Warrant 8 - Roadway Network

This warrant specifies conditions where a traffic signal may be justified to encourage concentration and organization of traffic flow.

**For further information on the eight traffic signal warrants go to the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (336 K) Acrobat Document web site.

Accidents by Traffic Control and Street Type (1999)

Graph of Accidents by Traffic Control Device and Street Type from 1999
**Note: Major/Local Traffic Signal Included in Major/Collector Traffic Signal
Source: Traffic Safety Division


Traffic Signals