Snow Angels Volunteers

Name Location Primary Phone Additional Contact Notes
*St. Luke United Methodist Church
Contact: Scott Opfer
Northwest 1621 Superior Street (c) 402-525-5619 (h) 402-475-3480
Josh Hoops Southeast 7825 Barrington Pl. (c) 402-314-5444
Duane Hickenbottom Southeast 4940 S 47th St. (h) 402-486-1732 (c) 402-419-6620 Available after 3:30 p.m. No snow blower.
Doug Weishahn East 1516 Sunset Rd. (h) 402-484-5557 (c) 402-432-2476 Available evenings and weekends.
Jeff Knievel Central 3501 "D" St. (c) 402-499-3978 Available any weekday evening and all day on weekends.
Todd Kinghorn Southeast 56th and Old Cheney Rd. (c) 402-560-8250 Have snow blower. Available after 5 p.m.
Kristine Miriovsky Northwest NW 6th and W Fletcher (c) 402-417-5931 Available after 3 p.m. Could do early a.m. in emergency. Have snow blower.
Dave Pleskac South SouthPointe Area (c) 402-304-0392 Available before 7 a.m. and after 6 p.m. Available most weekends; sometimes travel during the week. Have snow blower. Email contact is preferred.
Paul Isom Southeast 5241 S 52nd St. (c) 402-304-5048 Not available evenings.
Joe Gandara Northeast 42nd and Huntington (c) 402-419-8795 Available anytime. Have snow blower.
John Hohbein Southeast 56th and Sherman St. (c) 402-309-4897 Available early morning and evening. No snow blower.
Tom Tiedgen Southeast 84th and Pioneers (c) 402-540-2182 Have snow blower.
*Nebraska Global
Contact: Norm Sherrill
West 8th and "P" (w) 402-858-6147 We are a large group of volunteers through a company downtown. If possible, we would prefer to scoop/blow before 8am, but are available anytime.
Jenny Turechek Northeast Cotner and Baldwin (c) 402-601-3533 No snow blower. Available after 5.
Connor Bohlken Northeast 50th and Madison (c) 402-613-2403 No snow blower.
Michael & Jenna Dorton East 84th and Sandalwood (c) 402-875-1952 Available evenings and weekends. Have snow blower.
Marita Schafers Ward Southeast 70th and Van Dorn (c) 402-217-3630 Available evenings and weekends. No snow blower.
Brian Stilwell Central 3050 "N" St. (c) 402-326-6031 Please call Saturday only. No snow blower.
Ted LaGrange Southeast 7300 Country Hill Circle (c) 402-310-4304 Mostly available early mornings and evenings. I don't have a snow blower, but enjoy scooping by hand. I can do sidewalks and a fairly short driveway, but may not be able to do a long drive.
Mark Felker Southwest 14th and Old Cheney (c) 402-304-5398 Available any time. No snow blower.
William Duffy Central 45th and "M" (c) 402-525-0641 Available weekends. No snow blower.
Kate Walker Southeast 70th and South (c) 402-314-1416 Availability varies. Have snow blower.
Tom Lintel East Sandalwood and Hazelwood (c) 402-560-2087 (h) 402-489-7835 Available anytime. Have snow blower.
Bob Servedio Southeast 70th and Pioneers (h) 402-488-1725 Available anytime. No snow blower.
Keegan Melcher Northwest W Burt Dr. (c) 402-750-5301 Available anytime. No snow blower.
Jen Barnason West 14th and "E" (c) 402-480-0280 Available afternoons, evenings, and all day on weekends. Within walking distance: .5 - 1 mile or less. No snow blower.
Levi Southeast 80th and South (c) 402-560-1876 Available evenings and weekends. No snow blower.
Evan Hatcher South 56th and Yankee Hill (h) 402-570-8274 Available after 5 p.m. or early morning, any Monday and most Saturdays before 5 p.m. Have snow blower.
Jason West South Milkweed and Wildbriar (c) 303-519-9150 Available evenings and weekends. Have snow blower.
Adrian Zieg Southwest 27th and Old Cheney (c) 492-560-5462 Available 6-11 p.m. No snow blower.
Sean Viale Central 27th and "A" (c) 904-239-1686 Available Mon-Wed anytime; Thur-Fri after 10 a.m. No snow blower. Please no weekends.
Taylor Moates Southeast 84th and Old Cheney (c) 402-802-5964 Available afternoons after class gets out. No snow blower.

*Indicates a group/organization.