56th from Old Cheney to Shadow Pines Dr.

The City of Lincoln has awarded the construction project for reconstruction of South 56th Street from Old Cheney Road to Shadow Pines Drive to Constructors, Inc. The roadway is designed as a 4-lane paved section with turn lanes and a raised median.

Project Highlights

Right and left turn lanes will be built at London Road and Waltz Road, and these intersections will be designed to accommodate future traffic signals when warranted.

Right and left turn lanes will also be built at Shadow Pines Drive.

A new drainage structure will be built at Beal Slough.

A pedestrian under-crossing will be built as part of the Beal Slough drainage structure.

Ordinance changes were brought back before the City Council which were approved in the fall of 2005 and the construction of medians were approved.

Project Status

November 12, 2015

The Contractor has been working diligently on the 56th Street project since given Notice to Proceed on April 20, 2015. Permanent paving is currently in place for future northbound traffic between Waltz Road and Old Cheney and future southbound traffic between Shadow Pines Drive to just north of London Road.

The Contractor is currently overexcavating soil underneath the proposed roadway between the Beal Slough and Waltz Road and for future southbound traffic from Waltz Road to Old Cheney. Once soil operations are complete, about 600 feet of 16” water main will be installed north of Waltz Road followed by storm sewer construction and paving. Roadway work will continue in 2015 until weather becomes unsuitable.

Work also continues on the new structure at the Beal Slough. This structure is a 4-cell 14’x14’ box culvert “bridge” and has been very difficult to construct this wet construction season. The construction of a diversion channel to re-direct flows around the structure’s work site, reconstruction of utilities under the Beal Slough, construction of the actual structure and the ultimate pavement over the top of the structure has been the critical path of the project. Unfortunately with the intensity and the frequency of the rain events this year, Beal Slough water level has reached elevations several times which overtopped the diversion channel and flooded the work site (in addition to the surrounding areas). It took several days for the water level to subside enough to not overtop the berm and at that time the work area would be pumped out and the fine silt left by flood waters was cleaned out of the work site. Overall, 48 critical-path construction days have been affected by the rain events which has resulted in a delay to the schedule. Dry weather in October enabled work on the structure to progress and currently the floor and north two walls are poured. The Contractor is now focusing on constructing the outside floor pieces (the aprons) and walls adjacent to the future bike path near the structure. This will be followed by the remaining walls and the top. This work can continue even if the weather becomes colder.

As stated, the frequency and intensity of the rains this year did not help the project schedule. We are working to be able to open at least one lane in each direction as soon as practical, but unfortunately due to the delays caused by the rains, the roadway will not be open to through traffic by mid-November as originally scheduled. The date of when the road can open to one lane in each direction is dependent upon the weather. In practicality, based on historic Nebraska winters, the roadway will likely open in Spring of 2016 but we will take advantage of the weather in 2015 to construct as much as possible in order to minimize disruption in 2016. The completion date of the entire project to have 4-lanes of traffic open currently remains as originally scheduled at the end of June 2016.

As always, all of the local businesses remain open and accessible to customers. Please take time to plan your route and determine whether you will need to enter from Old Cheney Rd. or Pine Lake Rd.

Please feel free to contact the project engineer or project construction manager with any questions or concerns.

Street Closure

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Public Participation

Pre-construction Open House – Monday April 6, 2015
6:15 to 7:30 p.m.
Humann Elementary School
6720 Rockwood Lane
This meeting will give the public an opportunity to meet with construction personnel, review the project, and ask questions. The meeting room is accessible for persons with disabilities. Those requiring additional special accommodations are asked to contact Kris Humphrey, City Engineering Services, at 402-326-1176.
Open House – Wednesday, June 6, 2012
5:00 to 6:30 p.m.
Humann Elementary School, multi-purpose room
6720 Rockwood Lane

Contact Information

If you have questions or comments regarding the project, please contact one of the following people:

Zach Becker, Construction Project Manager
City of Lincoln - Engineering Services
Phone: 402-613-3763
Email: zbecker@lincoln.ne.gov
Kris Humphrey, Design & Construction Engineer
City of Lincoln - Engineering Services
Phone: 402-326-1176
Email: khumphrey@lincoln.ne.gov