Antelope Park: Bioretention Areas SW of 33rd and South Street

Project AC-P03

The Antelope Creek Watershed has been studied and analyzed to determine pollution sources and develop solutions to deal with the current pollution issue. Several locations were identified for the implementation of specific measures to reduce and treat the current pollutants.

Each project selected from the Antelope Creek Watershed Basin Management Plan will be constructed to create a linear system of treatment. Project AC-P03 was selected for construction and is located in an existing park area southwest of 33rd and South Street. Approximately 185 acres flow toward this area from the Antelope Creek Watershed through an unnamed tributary to Antelope Creek. The intent of this project is to create a treatment train along with Projects ACP01 and AC-P02 upstream to work together to treat and remove pollutants. The City of Lincoln and the Lower Platte South Natural resources District (LPSNRD) are partnering on this project. Coordination with the Parks and Recreational Department will be important throughout the design and construction process to ensure that the design elements will work in this existing park area. Funding for the work will be provided by a grant from the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality (NDEQ).

This project will consist of creating two bioretention areas that will treat the water flowing through the area. There will be a smaller bioretention area on the west edge of the project to treat the water coming from the west, That water will eventually flow into a larger bioretention area along the defined drainage way. There will be a pipe running between the bioretention areas to allow the water to flow downstream and not become stagnant. To help promote treatment in the larger bioretention area, modifications will be made to the existing inlet to slow down the water draining into the channel downstream. Each bioretention area will have engineered soils and specific vegetation to enhance treatment in this area. A post-construction maintenance plan will also be developed to assure that the BMPs measures are maintained and continue to perform as intended.

Project Location Map (2.36 M) PDF

Key Project Items

  • Part of a larger Treatment plan for the Antelope Creek Watershed
  • Partnership between the City of Lincoln and LPSNRD
  • Grant funding from the NDEQ will be used.
  • Small Bioretention Area on west edge of the project location.
  • Larger Bioretention Area along the un-named tributary to Antelope Creek.
  • Vegetation intended for treatment of pollutants.
  • Maintenance Plan for post-construction.

Public Involvement

Open House - May 2, 2013
5:00 to 6:30 p.m.
Auld Pavilion, Antelope Park
Open House Handout (477 K) PDF

Project Contacts

  • City of Lincoln

    Ben Higgins, Watershed Management
    Phone: 402-441-7589

  • Olsson Associates

    Travis Figard
    Phone: 402-474-6311