Cornhusker Highway Pavement Overlay Project

Cornhusker from 11th to 20thCornhusker from 31st to 48th11th from Saunders to Cornhusker

May 2, 2014

The City of Lincoln has awarded a contract for asphalt milling and overlay, concrete patching, and ADA curb ramps along Cornhusker Highway in two segments from North 11th Street to North 20th Street, and from North 31st Street Circle to North 48th Street. The work will also include the segment along North 11th Street from Saunders Avenue to Cornhusker Highway. Pavers Inc. of Lincoln, Nebraska has been awarded the contract for completion of this work.

The contractor has indicated work will begin May 5, 2014. The contractor's schedule indicates they anticipate substantial completion of the work on this project by June 20, 2014. Cornhusker Highway will remain open to traffic for the duration of the project. The asphalt milling and overlay will be performed in the overnight hours between 7:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. The work will close portions of the traffic lanes, but one lane of the street will remain open. The concrete repair will also be performed to minimize the impact on traffic. Construction of ADA curb ramps will be completed through temporary lane closures during daytime hours.

We request the patience and cooperation of residents, businesses and drivers in this area as the contractor progresses with this work. The Public Works and Utilities Department will administer this contract and Schemmer Associates will provide the construction management and inspection of the project. If you have any questions, please contact one of the following:

Project Contacts

  • Project Manager

    Eric Deters - The Schemmer Associates
    Phone: 712-660-2530

  • Project Contractor

    Doug Heusman - Pavers Inc.
    Phone: 402-450-5652

  • Project Coordination

    Harry Kroos - Public Works & Utilities
    Phone: 402-429-4872