Downtown Water Main Replacement Project 10th from “K” to “O” • 11th from “L” to “Q” • “M” from 9th to 11th

August 2018

Project Overview

This project will install a new water main pipeline, which is necessary to reduce water main breaks and service and traffic disruptions in the downtown area. It will also allow Lincoln Water System to better serve new development and a growing customer base.

Water mains in this area date back to 1885 and have experienced numerous breaks of late. Construction of new hotels, businesses and residential developments in the downtown area are adding to the stress on the older systems. The project is part of the City’s strategic plan to replace seven miles of aging water main each year to assure reliability of service.

Water Supply

Brief interruptions of water supply will occur when the new water main is connected to the system. Every attempt will be made to inform impacted residents and businesses prior to disruption.

Access During Construction

For most of the project, the major roadways will remain open to traffic. Work will be scheduled around the University of Nebraska – Lincoln Husker football games to maximize traffic flow.

Impacted lanes include:

  • 10th Street, from “K” to “O” streets, east lanes
  • 11th Street, from “L” to “Q” streets, east side parking and bike lane
  • “M” Street, from 9th to 11th streets, north side parking

There are water main tie-ins that will require additional lane closures on “K” Street, “L” Street, “M” Street, “N” Street and “O” Street.

Current information on street closures is available at (keyword: closures).

Sidewalk or crosswalk closures will be posted, and access to residences and businesses will be maintained. The “N” Street cycle track is anticipated to remain open throughout the project.

  • Project Area

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The project is anticipated to start August 20, 2018 and continue through the end of the year.

Project Contacts