"P" St. Streetscape Project

11th Street to Centennial Mall

January 30, 2014

Recent Work

Within the past few weeks, Hausmann Construction has been concentrating work efforts along the south side of "P" Street between 12th and 13th streets. The sidewalk at the southwest corner of 13th & "P" has been closed and pedestrian traffic re-routed in order to construct storm sewer pipes and Silva Cells. Once weather is conducive to pouring the permanent sidewalk overtop of these improvements, the sidewalk will be opened for pedestrians.

Anticipated Work

Work will begin in the southwest corner of 11th & "P" beginning the week of February 3. The initial work will focus on constructing a new base for a traffic signal pole. The sidewalk on this corner will remain open, but the east/west crosswalk may be closed for a few days. Reconstruction of the surrounding sidewalk and pavement will occur soon thereafter as weather permits.

Once frost is no longer a concern, Hausmann will lay pavers along "P" Street at locations noted on the plans. These locations are currently fenced off to pedestrians. Likewise, they will place soil and compost at appropriate planting bed locations that have constructed once the weather is warmer.

In general, construction is anticipated to progress eastward along the south side of "P" Street to Centennial Mall, at which point construction will begin along the north side of "P" Street.

Information on the P Street Streetscape Project is available on the City's website at lincoln.ne.gov (keyword: pstreet). If you have questions or comments, please contact one of the following people:

  • Zach Becker

    Project Manager
    City of Lincoln – Engineering Services

  • Kris Humphrey

    Project Engineer
    City of Lincoln – Engineering Services

  • Hallie Salem

    Downtown Re-Development Planner
    City of Lincoln – Urban Development

  • Andrew Christensen

    Project Manager
    Hausmann Construction