"P" St. Streetscape Project

11th Street to Centennial Mall

July 11, 2014 Construction Update

Asphalt patching and pavement markings along "P" Street will continue to be completed during the next two weeks. This work is necessary to remove existing pavement markings and restore them with asphalt, and to patch asphalt in areas where utility work occurred beneath the pavement. While this work takes place, the traffic on "P" Street will be restricted to one-lane during daytime, off-peak hours. During the week of July 14 the contractor will complete asphalt on the south half of the street. 14th Street between "O" and "P" Streets will be closed the morning of July 14th to allow for all of the asphalt work to take place. 13th Street between "O" and "P" Streets will be closed at some point during the day on July 14th to complete this work on the south side of "P" Street. 12th Street between "O" and "P" Streets will be closed for a part of the day on July 15th to complete this work on the south side of "P" Street. Work on 11th Street will take place on July 15th, and the street will remain open to traffic with some lane restrictions during this work. During the week of July 21 they will work on completing installation of the permanent pavement and crosswalk markings. Please take extra care while driving and walking in the area during this time. All businesses remain open and accessible during the work. Please continue to be aware of the pedestrian routing along "P" Street while accessing businesses.

Work has begun to install the limestone benches on the south side of the street between 11th Street and 14th Street. The contractor will continue to install the benches in areas of the project which have been completed. The contractor has tied up loose ends along 14th Street during the past week ahead of the Zoo Fest street festival today.

The north side of "P" Street from 11th Street to 12th Street is nearing completion. The contractor has restored all of the pavement and sidewalk. The sidewalk corridor is currently open along the building fronts and access to all businesses continues to be maintained. Parking has been restored to a portion of this block, and additional spaces will be completed as soon as possible.

Work along the block from 12th to 13th Streets is underway. A sidewalk corridor is in place which maintains access to all of the businesses. All of the pavement is completed and crews continue to work on the sidewalks, tree boxes, and planting area curbs.

Work along 13th Street as a part of the project is substantially complete. Work on the block from 13th Street to 14th Street began earlier in the week. The contractor has restored a permanent pedestrian corridor to all of the businesses along this block. The roadway pavement has been demolished and work will begin on the underground utilities.

Work continues to take place on the north side of "P" Street from 14th Street to Centennial Mall, as well as along the east side of 14th Street north of "P" Street. The pedestrian corridor is in place and open to all businesses. The sidewalk access around this area will change throughout the coming weeks but businesses will remain open and accessible at all times. Storm sewer work is complete and light pole bases are being finished. The Lincoln Children's Museum curbside drop-off is temporarily located on the north side of "P" Street, between Centennial Mall and 16th Street. Please note the signs directing you to this location.

Information on the "P" Street Streetscape Project is available on the City's website at lincoln.ne.gov (keyword: pstreet). If you have questions or comments, please contact one of the following people:

Project Contacts

If you have any questions or comments regarding the project, please contact any of the following people for more information:

  • Zach Becker

    Project Manager
    City of Lincoln – Engineering Services

  • Kris Humphrey

    Project Engineer
    City of Lincoln – Engineering Services

  • Hallie Salem

    Downtown Re-Development Planner
    City of Lincoln – Urban Development

  • Andrew Christensen

    Project Manager
    Hausmann Construction

  • Adam Hoebelheinrich

    PC Sports