"P" St. Streetscape Project

11th Street to Centennial Mall

August 1, 2014 Construction Update

As the project continues to move on, the light at the end of the tunnel is becoming brighter with every passing week. Among the progress and changes that people will notice are new lane patterns throughout the site. There are also areas where parking meters have been rearranged and the orientation of parking stalls changed. Please continue to take extra care while driving, parking, and walking in the area of the project site. As always please remember that all businesses remain open and accessible during the work. Please continue to be aware of the pedestrian routing along "P" Street while accessing these businesses.

The contractor is working on cleaning and opening up on-street parking in as many places as possible along the north side of "P" Street. These include the block from 11th to 12th Streets, and a portion of the next block from 12th to 13th Streets.

Work along the block from 12th to 13th Streets is focused at the northwest corner of 13th Street. The sidewalk at the northwest corner of 13th Street is closed to allow completion of underground utilities and the sidewalk concrete. While this work takes place the businesses between 12th and 13th are accessible from the west and the businesses on 13th Street between "P" and "Q" Streets are accessible from the north. Please be patient and pay attention to the closures and detours.

Work on the block from 13th Street to 14th Street has completed the Silva cells underground. Work will continue to take place to restore the remaining sidewalk and brick pavers. The contractor is maintaining a permanent pedestrian corridor to all of the businesses along this block.

Work continues on the north side of "P" Street from 14th Street to Centennial Mall, as well as along the east side of 14th Street north of "P" Street. The pedestrian corridor is in place and open to all businesses. The sidewalk access around the northeast corner of 14th and "P" Street has been closed during the past week. Businesses remain open and accessible at all times. Those along 14th Street north of "P" Street are accessible from the north off "Q" Street. Businesses along "P" Street including the Lincoln Children's Museum will be accessible from the east off Centennial Mall. The museum curbside drop-off continues to be temporarily located on the north side of "P" Street, between Centennial Mall and 16th Street. Please note the signs directing you to this location as the contractor works to complete the sidewalk and restore the crosswalks at this corner. Work along 14th St. is underway to set the Silva cells. This should be taking place during the next week.

The limestone benches will continue to be installed throughout the site and some of the pedestrian light poles are expected to be installed in the coming weeks. Some of the outdoor deck areas have begun to be constructed today. The contractor has begun to work on punch-list items along the south side of the street. These items may include areas that are damaged and required repair before the project is complete.

Information on the "P" Street Streetscape Project is available on the City's website at lincoln.ne.gov (keyword: pstreet). If you have questions or comments, please contact one of the following people:

Project Contacts

If you have any questions or comments regarding the project, please contact any of the following people for more information:

  • Zach Becker

    Project Manager
    City of Lincoln – Engineering Services

  • Kris Humphrey

    Project Engineer
    City of Lincoln – Engineering Services

  • Hallie Salem

    Downtown Re-Development Planner
    City of Lincoln – Urban Development

  • Andrew Christensen

    Project Manager
    Hausmann Construction

  • Adam Hoebelheinrich

    PC Sports