Pine Lake Road – 61st St. to Highway 2

Updated August 2016

Pine Lake Road is proposed to be widened to four lanes from S 61st Street to Highway 2. This project is necessary to increase the capacity of this roadway as a part of the increasing development in southeast Lincoln.

Preliminary Design Map (3.53 M) PDF

Project Highlights

  • The curve and slope of the hill between S 75th Street and Highway 2 will be reduced to improve sight distance
  • The S 70th Street and Pine Lake Road intersection will be reconstructed with a roundabout
  • The railroad crossing east of Pine Lake Park will be rebuilt with crossing gates installed
  • The Beal Slough culvert will be upgraded, and will include a trail undercrossing for a future pedestrian trail
  • A new culvert will be constructed under Blanchard Boulevard, and will include a trail undercrossing
  • The intersection of Blanchard Boulevard and Pine Lake Road will be reconstructed with a roundabout
  • Additional culverts beneath S 70th Street and beneath Pine Lake Road will be reconstructed to increase capacity
  • Sidewalks will be built along the roadway, and street lighting will be upgraded

Map of Project Area (37 K) PDF

Project Status

Currently the project is in the design phase, and Schemmer design consultants are finishing the project plans. Construction is expected to begin in 2018 with utility relocations taking place before the project in 2017-2018.

Public Involvement

Project Open House – December 16, 2015
6:00 – 8:00 p.m.
Humann Elementary School, 6720 Rockwood Lane

Project Contacts


Southeast Lincoln Project Coordination Map