Capitol Parkway from 21st to 33rd

July 1, 2013

The City of Lincoln proposes to mill and overlay Capitol Parkway from South 21st Street to South 33rd Street beginning on July 8, 2013, weather permitting. The existing asphalt pavement will be milled off and overlaid with new asphalt and pavement markings. The turn lanes at the Randolph Street intersection will be widened. Pedestrian curb ramps along Capitol Parkway will be reconstructed to meet ADA standards.

Pavers Inc. will be the contractor. They propose to perform the work under lane closures. Access to side streets and driveways will be limited for short durations during the milling and asphalt operations. Work in the Capitol Parkway and A Street intersection will result in temporary detours while the milling and asphalt lay down is accomplished. Pavers will coordinate with local businesses and residences to maintain access as much as possible.

If a business or residence has a sprinkler system in close proximity to the existing curb ramps, they are asked to flag the sprinkler heads to aid the contractor in minimizing damage.

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