Residential Street Rehabilitation - 2016 Construction Season

Typical rehabilitation projects improve existing roadways by grinding and replacing roadway surfacing. While resurfacing is the primary focus of rehab work, additional work may be done to repair concrete base failures, replace inadequate curbs and improve storm water facilities.

More Information About Residential Street Rehabilitation

Resurfacing on 49th Street during the 2013 construction season Resurfacing on 49th Street during the 2013 construction season


The following street sections are scheduled for rehabilitation in 2016:

  • 61st from Elkcrest to Pioneers
  • 35th from Everett to "A"
  • 37th from Prescott to Calvert
  • 53rd from Pawnee to Van Dorn
  • 54th from Melrose to Pawnee
  • Pawnee from 53rd to 56th
  • 49th from "A" to "C"
  • Colonial from Alden to Puritan
  • Trendwood from Devonshire to Pinedale
  • Deerwood from 67th to Bison
  • 7th from "A" to "C"
  • 44th from "M" to "O"
  • Burnham from 14th to 17th
  • Arapahoe from 10th to 14th
  • Stratford from 27th to Rathbone
  • Colfax from 40th to 44th
  • E Avon from 73rd to Vine
  • Sanborn fron 81st to Elizabeth
  • Apple from 36th to 40th
  • 61st from Adams to Judson
  • Huntington from 63rd to Cotner
  • Elizabeth from Sanborn to 84th
  • W Avon from 73rd to Vine
  • Bel-Ridge from Vale to Superior
  • W Broadview from Steinway to Skyway
  • "Y" from 70th to Meadowdale
  • Knox from 11th to 12th
  • W Beal from NW 10th to NW 7th
  • Idylwild from Apple to Holdrege