Rehabilitation Dollars at Work for Lincoln

As you may already know, wheel and gas tax money is used to improve and maintain our streets. While resurfacing is the primary focus of rehab work, additional work may be done to repair concrete base failures, replace inadequate curbs and improve storm water facilities.

These major community improvement projects will be accomplished with no direct cost to Lincoln residents.

Private contractors are used to complete the work. Their contracts include this work and work at other locations. Specific starting dates can change due to various factors (weather, workloads...etc.), so we distribute door hangers to residents in the work area approximately one week before commencing work.

We realize that projects of this nature can have adverse effects on adjacent properties. You may be inconvenienced by the temporary loss of access and the disruptions caused by construction activity and equipment. Therefore, we hope that these notifications will allow you to adequately plan and prepare for the proposed activity. If you have specific questions and comments regarding this project, please contact the Engineering Services Division of the Public Works Department, 402-441-7711.

Rehabilitation Reminders

  • Rehab projects may only replace curb and a portion of your drive approach as needed to complete curb repairs. If you wish to repair or widen your existing curb and drive approach, rehab projects provide the opportunity to expedite the work. Any additional work will be at the owner's expense and may require a curb cut permit obtained from the Building and Safety Department. If you have any questions in regard to your curb cut or driveway, contact the Sidewalk Section at 402-441-7541.
  • Underground sprinkler systems in the public right-of-way are the responsibility of the adjacent property owner. If property owners mark the location of heads and lines prior to the start of construction, every effort will be made to avoid damaging existing facilities.
  • As noted earlier, rehabilitation work is done by private contractors. The contract does not stipulate a specific date to begin the work, only a final completion date for the entire contract. Start dates will be established after the contract is awarded. Residents in the work area will receive a door hanger with the contractor's name and telephone number approximately one week prior to starting work.
  • If you have questions about resurfacing projects, please contact us at 402-441-7711.