Solid Waste Management - 2016 Anticipated Construction

  • Phase 13 Liner
    Bluff Road Landfill

    13 of 16 planned phases of liner construction for the Bluff Road Landfill.

  • Building Expansion (Administrative Areas)
    Bluff Road Facility

    Staff needs have outgrown the original workspace constructed in 1988. Expanded workspace will provide sufficient restroom facilities, adequate heating and cooling system, and upgraded water system, and provide for safe and secure storage of specialized analyzers/instruments, calibration gases and sample preservation chemicals, and facility compliance records.

  • Culvert Replacements
    North 48th Street Facility

    The flooding in May 2015 created sinkholes over existing culverts that serve to move surface water off the property. The project will replace culverts at these locations to prevent a similar occurrence should Salt Creek surpass flood stage in the future.

  • Drainage Ditch Repairs
    North 48th Street Facility

    A large drainage ditch conveys surface water from south of the North 48th Street Landfill along the south property line and just over 50 feet from the waste boundary of the landfill. The flooding in May 2015 created areas of minor to significant erosion of the side slopes of the drainage ditch as the ditch ran bank-full for as long as did Salt Creek, and the water elevation then matched Salt Creek until normal flows resumed. The project will stabilize the eroded side slopes of the drainage ditch to prevent further degradation due to soil erosion.

  • Phase 3 Cover
    Construction and Demolition Waste Landfill

    Approximately 10 acres of the Construction and Demolition Waste Landfill have reached the final permitted elevation/capacity. The project will import enough soil to cover this areas with a 24 inch thick soil cover. The installation of surface water conveyance structures and permanent seeding will also be included in the project.

  • Phase 6 Closure
    North 48th Street Landfill

    A large area of the former North 48th Street Landfill will be covered with additional soil to ensure precipitation drains off the landfill instead of ponding on the surface. The long-term management strategy minimizes the risk of groundwater contamination from the wastes placed at that location between the 1950s and the 1980s.

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