Bluff Road Landfill Development, Closure and Infrastructure Projects

Bluff Road Landfill

Project Information

The Solid Waste Operations Division has constructed multiple planned projects as part of the continuous development, closure and infrastructure projects necessary at the Bluff Road Landfill. The Bluff Road Landfill provides safe disposal for municipal solid wastes generated in the City of Lincoln and Lancaster County.


The overall development of the landfill site includes 16 phases of liner (View Phasing Plan). Phase 12 Liner (landfill development) is composed of clay and synthetic liner components, a granular drainage layer and leachate collection piping. The expansion of the existing Landfill Gas Collection System is necessary for regulatory compliance and will also provide more gas for the generation of electricity. The Access Road Paving (landfill infrastructure) provides safe access in all weather conditions to the approximately 325 refuse vehicle trips per day.

Project Summary

Bulk Excavation – excavation of approximately 300,000 cubic yards of soil, removal and replacement of 110,000 cubic yards of soils unsuitable for providing the foundation necessary to support the weight of waste after a liner is constructed, and placement of 90,000 cubic yards of soil embankment necessary to build the paved access road at the proper width and elevation.

Construction cost: $1,913,107

Phase 12 Liner – construction of a liner and leachate collection system over 12 acres contiguous to current lined areas to provide disposal capacity.

Construction cost: $1,835,789

Access Road Paving – paving of approximately 4,400 linear feet of the existing rock surfaced roadway. Refuse vehicles will access the active areas of the landfill for the remaining life of the landfill via this paved road.

Construction cost: $703,954

Landfill Gas Collection System Expansion – installation of additional collection wells and piping over a 55 acre area to meet the regulatory requirements of the Clean Air Act.

Construction cost: $1,133,867

Project Contacts

  • City Project Manager

    Karla Welding
    Superintendent of Solid Waste Operations
    Phone: 402-441-7867

  • Engineer/Construction Administration

    John Dempsey/Greg Shafer
    HDR Engineering, Inc.
    Phone: 402-399-1000

  • Construction Quality Assurance

    Vaugh Burkamper
    Resident Project Representative
    SCS Aquaferra
    Phone: 402-884-6202

Construction Contractors

  • Bulk Excavation – Specification #13-328
    Commercial Contractors Equipment, Inc.
    Mike Sibbernsen
    Phone: 402-476-1711

  • Phase 12 Liner – Specification #14-021
    JJ Westhoff Construction Company
    Jerry Westhoff
    Phone: 402-421-1225

  • Access Road Paving – Specification #14-022
    Constructors, Inc.
    Dave Olson
    Phone: 402-434-1764

  • Landfill Gas Collection System Expansion – Specification #14-066
    Landmarc Environmental Systems
    Jake Rau
    Phone: 603-717-4848