SW 6th, W High and W Prospector Water Main Project

July 17, 2014

The City of Lincoln has awarded a contract that includes construction of new water mains associated with Water Improvement District No. 1205. The project will construct an eight-inch diameter water main in West Prospector Court from South Folsom Street to Southwest 6th Street, a six-inch diameter water main in Southwest 6th Street from West Prospector Court to approximately 400 feet south of West High Street, and a six-inch diameter water main in West High Street from South Folsom Street to Southwest 6th Street. Neuvirth's Construction of Blair, Nebraska has been awarded the contract to complete the construction associated with the project.

The contractor has indicated work will begin the week of July 14, 2014 locating the existing utilities. The contractor will begin boring and water main construction in this area the week of July 21, 2014. Portions of the water main construction along West High Street and West Prospector Court will be placed by directional boring. The water main along Southwest 6th Street will be installed by open excavation. The contractor will attempt to minimize the disruption to driveways and access to residents and businesses.

We request the patience and cooperation of residents, businesses and drivers in this area as the contractor progresses with this work. The Public Works and Utilities Department will administer this contract. EA Engineering will provide the construction management and inspection of the project. If you have any questions, please contact one of the following:

Project Contacts

  • Project Manager

    Harry Kroos
    Public Works and Utilities, Engineering Services
    Phone: 402-429-4872
    Email: hkroos@lincoln.ne.gov

  • Project Engineer

    Kris Humphrey
    Public Works and Utilities, Engineering Services
    Phone: 402-326-1176
    Email: khumphrey@lincoln.ne.gov

  • Project Manager

    Gene Hellbusch
    Neuvirth's Construction
    Phone: 402-670-5275

  • Project Inspection

    Jamie Suing
    EA Engineering
    Phone: 402-310-3538