Wastewater Projects - 2014 Construction Season

6” to 8” Pipe Upsizing Projects

  • "E" from 30th to 29th
  • Alley – 23rd to 22nd, between "U" and Vine
  • Alley – 47th to 48th, between Baldwin to Huntington
  • Alley – 49th to 48th, between Garland and Leighton
  • Alley – 50th to 51st, between Dudley and Starr
  • Alley – 52nd to 50th, between Cleveland and Madison
  • Alley – 53rd to 54th, between Cleveland and Madison
  • Alley – 56th to 54th, between Garland and Leighton
  • Alley – 56th to 57th, between Huntington and Baldwin
  • Alley – 56th to 59th, between Walker and Huntington
  • Alley – 57th to 59th, between Baldwin and Huntington
  • Alley – 69th to 70th, between Platte and Burlington
  • Judson from 49th to 50th
  • 48th from Baldwin to Huntington
  • 50th from Madison to Cleveland
  • 50th from Orchard to Holdrege
  • Orchard and 51st area
  • Ryons from 24th St to Sheridan
  • 30th from "D" to "E"

Wastewater Main Replacements / Repairs

  • 9th and Nance
  • NW 5th and Oakcreek
  • 30th and Vine
  • 63rd and Fairfax
  • 11th and "L"
  • 4th and "H"
  • 4th and "E"
  • 11th and "C"
  • 22nd and "F"
  • Memorial and Franklin
  • 14th and Smith
  • Scotch Pine and Katrina
  • 80th between Dougan Dr. and N Shore Dr.
  • 7th and Old Cheney
  • Airpark Truss Replacement – Area bounded by NW 49th, W. Thatcher Lane, NW 52nd and W. Partridge Lane

Northeast Treatment Plant Improvements

  • Nitrification Aeration Improvements
  • Solids Handling Odor Control Improvements
  • Site Security Surveillance

Theresa Street Treatment Plant Improvements

  • Substation Transformer Replacement
  • Co-generation and Digester Gas Handling Improvements
  • Solids Handling Improvements
  • Primary Facilities Odor Control Improvements
  • HVAC Improvements for Disinfection
  • Site Security Surveillance
  • Influent Wastewater Pumping Upgrades
  • Solids Building HVAC Improvements
  • Digester Mixing Improvements
  • Innovation Campus/CRES Effluent Pump Station & Conveyance

Other Miscellaneous Repairs

  • Pipe lining projects – various locations
  • Point Repairs – various locations
  • Manhole repairs – various locations

New or Improvements to Existing Infrastructure Projects

  • "P" Street pump station – West "P" Street and Salt Creek
  • "D" Street Pump Station – West "D" Street and SW 6th
  • Oak Creek Trunk Line – replacement adjacent and under runway
  • Woodland trunk extension – Wishing Well Lane and Dempster Drive
  • 6th and Calvert – sanitary improvements


Lincoln Wastewater System