Water Main Replacements

Lincoln Water System develops a list of planned pipeline replacements annually using the following general considerations:

  • Locations with a high frequency of breaks
  • Opportunity projects resulting from coordination with street repaving and construction projects, and coordination with sanitary sewer construction projects
  • Locations with users whose public or commercial impact would be severely affected by loss of water (schools, hospitals, restaurants, hair salons, etc.)
  • Potential problem areas located within the right-of-way of public roads
  • Areas with known highly corrosive soils
Water main replacement Pipe for a water main replacement project at 27th and Cornhusker

Anticipated 2016 Construction

  • 84th St Water Main
    84th St from Yankee Hill to Rokeby

    Installation of a new 24” water main. Project will have minimal disruption to traffic on 84th St

  • East "O" Water
    East “O” St from 84th to 98th

    Installation of a 24” water main on the north side of “O” Street

  • 26th St Water District
    26th St from "H" St to "J" St

    Installation of new 6” water main

  • "D" St Water Replacement
    "D" St from 12th to 20th

    Installation of new 6” water main

  • "C" St Water District
    "C" St from 1st to 2nd

    Installation of new 6” water main

  • Normal Blvd Water Main Replacement
    Normal Blvd from 48th St to 58th St

    Installation of new 6” water main

  • Nance Ave Water Main Replacement
    Nance Ave from 8th St to 14th St

    Installation of new 16” water main

  • 46th St Water Main Replacement
    46th St from Prescott Ave to High St

    Installation of new 6” water main

  • Northshore Water Main Replacement
    Northshore from Westshore to Eastshore

    Installation of new 6” and 8” water mains

  • Oak St Water Main Replacement
    Oak St from 1st St to 12th St

    Installation of new 8” water main


Lincoln Water System