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City of Lincoln
American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Projects

Wastewater Improvement Projects

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Clean Water State Revolving Fund

Wastewater Improvement Projects

Project Description:
This project is funded by a combination of Federal ARRA Stimulus Grant and zero interest loan, Nebraska Dept. of Environmental Quality (NDEQ) State Clean Water Revolving Loan Funds (CWSRF) and Lincoln Sanitary Sewer Utility Revenues.
This project is a continuing effort to provide wastewater service to the Stevens Creek Basin and protect the environment and public health, as future growth and economic development occurs in this area of the City.
ARRA Stimulus Grant - $1,250,000
ARRA Stimulus Loan - $1,250,000
State CWSRF Loan - $2,500,00
Sanitary Sewer Revenues - Balance
Project Sponsor:
City of Lincoln Public Works Department - Wastewater Operations
Project Contact:
Brian Kramer - (402) 441-7987
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