Documents and Reports

North 48th Street Landfill End Use Databook (July 2014) PDF

The purpose of this databook is to provide background and supporting information for the development of the North 48th Street Landfill End Use Plan.

North 48th Street Solid Waste Facility End Use Plan (May 2015) PDF

The North 48th Street Solid Waste Facility End Use Plan recommends strategies to help realize the community’s vision for the future and provide a proactive, comprehensive framework to guide decisions on recreational uses, infrastructure and public services at the North 48th Street Solid Waste Facility.

NDEQ Waste Characterization Study Appendix B - Bluff Road Landfill (March 2009) PDF

The main objectives of this study were to determine the characteristics of Nebraska's solid waste stream and establish a baseline of waste characterization data for the state. Four seasonal field sorting events were undertaken at eight selected facilities located throughout the state. Appendix B contains the results for the Bluff Road Landfill.

Solid Waste Management Financial Statements (2011-2016)

City of Lincoln, Nebraska Solid Waste Management Fund - Independent Auditor’s Report and Financial Statements

Solid Waste Management Plan (November 2013)

The Solid Waste Management Plan for Lincoln and Lancaster County is a guidance document, communication tool, and a resource for policy decisions regarding solid waste management systems, facilities and programs. The Public Works and Utilities Department and the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department facilitated the development of the Solid Waste Plan 2040 with a planning process that included numerous opportunities for public participation and involvement.