#52 – Gaslight Saturday Service (Effective January 5, 2017)

Buses will only stop at the locations indicated on the map and in the list below. Jump to list of bus stops. The route map and bus stop list on this page require JavaScript. Please refer to the PDF schedule for a map and list of bus stops.

Time Points

List View

Depart Gold’s 11th Street
  • 8:40A
  • 10:40A
  • 12:40P
  • 2:40P
  • 4:40P
9th and Adams Street Outbound
  • 8:48A
  • 10:48A
  • 12:48P
  • 2:48P
  • 4:48P
W Dawes and Cornhusker Highway Outbound
  • 8:53A
  • 10:53A
  • 12:53P
  • 2:53P
  • 4:53P
Arrive W Fletcher and NW 12th Street
  • 9:00A
  • 11:00A
  • 1:00P
  • 3:00P
  • 5:00P
Depart W Fletcher and NW 12th Street
  • 9:03A
  • 11:03A
  • 1:03P
  • 3:03P
  • 5:03P
Lincoln Municipal Airport
  • 9:15A
  • 11:15A
  • 1:15P
  • 3:15P
  • 5:15P
W Dawes and Cornhusker Highway Inbound
  • 9:21A
  • 11:21A
  • 1:21P
  • 3:21P
  • 5:21P
9th and Adams Street Inbound
  • 9:23A
  • 11:23A
  • 1:23P
  • 3:23P
  • 5:23P
Arrive Gold’s 11th Street
  • 9:35A
  • 11:35A
  • 1:35P
  • 3:35P
  • 5:35P

Table View

Depart Gold’s 11th Street 9th & Adams Street W Dawes &
Corn­husker High­way
W Flet­cher & NW 12th Street
W Flet­cher & NW 12th Street
W Dawes &
Corn­husker High­way
9th & Adams Street Arrive Gold’s 11th Street
Outbound Inbound
8:40A 8:48A 8:53A 9:00A 9:03A 9:15A 9:21A 9:23A 9:35A
10:40A 10:48A 10:53A 11:00A 11:03A 11:15A 11:21A 11:23A 11:35A
12:40P 12:48P 12:53P 1:00P 1:03P 1:15P 1:21P 1:23P 1:35P
2:40P 2:48P 2:53P 3:00P 3:03P 3:15P 3:21P 3:23P 3:35P
4:40P 4:48P 4:53P 5:00P 5:03P 5:15P 5:21P 5:23P 5:35P

Bus Stops

* Indicates time point bus stop Click on a bus stop to view on map  Map marker

▲ Indicates intermittent service -- see schedule for details.