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Star Shuttle Weekday Service

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Star Shuttle Weekday Service

Detour AvailableThe 14th and "P" stop is closed until further notice.

See also:
#55 Star Shuttle Evening Service
Arrive/Leave Gold's 11th St. 10th & "J" St. 18th & "J" St. State Office Bldg. 13th & "Q" St. 8th & "Q" St.
6:24A 6:29A 6:33A 6:37A 6:42A 6:43A
6:48A 6:53A 6:57A 7:01A 7:06A 7:07A
7:12A 7:17A 7:21A 7:25A 7:30A 7:31A
7:36A 7:41A 7:45A 7:49A 7:54A 7:55A
8:00A 8:05A 8:09A 8:13A 8:18A 8:19A
8:24A 8:29A 8:33A 8:37A 8:42A 8:43A
8:48A 8:53A 8:57A 9:01A 9:06A 9:07A
9:12A 9:17A 9:21A 9:25A 9:30A 9:31A
9:36A 9:41A 9:45A 9:49 9:54A 9:55A
10:00A 10:05A 10:09A 10:13A 10:18A 10:19A
10:24A 10:29A 10:33A 10:37A 10:42A 10:43A
10:48A 10:53A 10:57A 11:01A 11:06A 11:07A
11:12A 11:17A 11:21A 11:25A 11:30A 11:31A
11:36A 11:41A 11:45A 11:49A 11:54A 11:55A
12:00P 12:05P 12:09P 12:13P 12:18P 12:19P
12:24P 12:29P 12:33P 12:37P 12:42P 12:43P
12:48P 12:53P 12:57P 1:01P 1:06P 1:07P
1:12P 1:17P 1:21P 1:25P 1:30P 1:31P
1:36P 1:41P 1:45P 1:49P 1:54P 1:55P
2:00P 2:05P 2:09P 2:13P 2:18P 2:19P
2:24P 2:29P 2:33P 2:37P 2:42P 2:43P
2:48P 2:53P 2:57P 3:01P 3:06P 3:07P
3:12P 3:17P 3:21P 3:25P 3:30P 3:31P
3:36P 3:41P 3:45P 3:49P 3:54P 3:55P
4:00P 4:05P 4:09P 4:13P 4:18P 4:19P
4:24P 4:29P 4:33P 4:37P 4:42P 4:43P
4:48P 4:53P 4:57P 5:01P 5:06P 5:07P
5:12P 5:17P 5:21P 5:25P 5:30P 5:31P
5:36P 5:41P 5:45P 5:49P 5:54P 5:55P
6:00P 6:05P 6:09P 6:13P 6:18P 6:19P
6:24P 6:29P 6:33P 6:37P 6:42P 6:43P
Map of Star Shuttle Weekday Service

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