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Bluff Road Landfill

Facts about the Bluff Road Landfill

Facts about the Bluff Road Landfill

Layers of the landfill

Collectively, over 800 tons of waste are disposed of in Lincoln's Bluff Road Landfill every day. That's equal to the weight of 360 minivans or a herd of 1,300 full grown bison -- everyday. Each person in Lancaster County throws away approximately 6.2 pounds of waste everyday which is generated from homes, businesses and industries.

In 1985, a steering committee was organized to select a new location for Lincoln's landfill. Committee members were a cross section of Lancaster County residents who were concerned about how and where to build the new landfill. Lincoln was later recognized for their innovative approach of using a committee to address the concerns that citizens confront in opening a landfill. After two years of public meetings and hearings, construction of the new landfill began in November of 1987.

Lincoln's solid waste operations also include a separate construction debris landfill, a small vehicle transfer station, a yard waste compost site, recycling drop-off sites, and the maintenance of Lincoln's old North 48th Street Landfill. Lincoln's Public Works and Utilities Department provides these services at a competitive price through fees collected at its various solid waste facilities. Additional information is provided to familiarize yourself with these services.

Lincoln's landfill will be the largest man made structure in Lancaster County. The landfill will cover 170 acres and contain over 19 million cubic yards of waste. All residents will have contributed to its creation.

Lancaster County residents dispose of over 280,000 tons of waste each year. If placed and compacted on the field in Memorial Stadium this amount of trash would be over 240 feet high.

The fees charged at Lincoln's solid waste facilities are used only for solid waste activities and programs.

If current recycling rates continue, an additional 6.5 years of additional equivalent landfill space could be gained.

Lincoln's yard waste composting facility composts over 18,000 tons of tree and yard wastes. This is equivalent to 1,800 full garbage trucks.

The Lincoln Lancaster County Health Department collects over 45,000 pounds of household hazardous waste each year.

Fines for illegal dumping were increased in 1997. Persons who illegally dump can be fined $500 with jail time for a first offense. Call 441-6500 to report illegal dumping.

Bluff Road Landfill