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Frequently Asked Questions

Recycling Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of plastics can I recycle?
In Lincoln, #1 - #5 plastic containers can be recycled..
Do I need to remove the plastic caps and neck rings off the bottles that I recycle?
The plastic caps and neck rings must be taken off the bottles before you recycle them. Please place caps and rings into your regular trash.
Where can I recycle the plastic grocery bags?
Plastic Grocery bags can be recycled at many grocery stores. These locations will only recycle plastic grocery sacks, no other plastic bags may be recycled. You may want to call first to make sure that they take plastic bags and find out the location of the drop-off container.
What type of glass can I recycle; just bottles?
The only kind of glass that can be recycled are green, brown, or clear glass bottles and jars. No window glass, mirrors, or ceramics are accepted at the City Recycling drop-off sites.
What types of paper can go in the residential mixed paper container?
Residential mixed paper includes all magazines, catalogs, telephone directories, scratch paper, junk mail, computer paper, and any office paper.
Where can I take my telephone books?
You can take your telephone book to any City recycling drop off site that takes residential mixed paper.
Where can I take magazines to recycle?
Magazines are accepted at the multi-material recycling drop-off sites in the residential mixed paper container.
Can the advertisements that come in the newspaper be recycled with the newspaper?
Yes, they do not need to be separated. Advertisements from junk mail should be placed in the residential mixed paper container.
Where can I take cardboard to recycle?
Cardboard is accepted at the multi-material drop-off sites in the cardboard container. Please flatten boxes and remove all packaging materials.
What can I put in the cardboard recycling container?
Any type of cardboard box or fiber board (i.e. moving boxes, shoe boxes, shirt boxes, cereal boxes...). These items must be flattened and packaging material must be removed.
Where did the recycling container go, it's missing from it's normal place?
It may be that the containers are being serviced. It usually takes the contractor about an hour to empty a recycling container and then return it.
What should I do if the recycling bins are full at the drop-off locations?
Please do not leave your recyclables outside of the bins. Contact the Recycling Office at 402-441-8215 and let them know of the recycling containers that need to be emptied.
When are the drop-off sites open?
Most drop-off sites are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The City requests that a person use the site during the work week and during daylight hours. Russ's Market at Coddington and West 'A' Street and North Star High School at 5801 N. 33rd Street have limited hours of operation.
How can I get curbside recycling?
Curbside recycling businesses are listed in the blue pages of the Windstream telephone directory. There is a nominal fee for this service. Call the refuse hauler in your area about curbside recycling or check the listing on this site.
Curbside Recycling
What if there is waste or illegally dumped material at a drop-off site?
If there is waste at the site such as tires, paint, batteries, please call the Recycling Hotline at 402-441-8215 or Recycling Coordinator's office at 402-441-7043. If there is hazardous or foul smelling waste at the site, please call the above numbers or the Emergency Health Department number at 402-441-8000.
Where can I take my used motor oil?
Various filling stations and auto parts stores in Lincoln accept used motor oil for recycling, as does the 48th Street Transfer Station. Many places charge a fee so you might want to call in advance to get the price. The Health Department normally has an updated list of waste oil collection sites. Please call 402-441-8032 for the latest information.
What can I do with leftover paint?
If the paint is latex-based, please let it dry up and discard it with the lid off in your regular trash. Another disposal option for latex paint is to line a cardboard box with newspaper, pour 1 inch of hi-dri or kitty litter inside the box; pour in paint; place in plastic trash bag and discard with your normal trash. If the paint is oil-based, take it to a Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day Acrobat Document. Call the Lincoln-Lancaster Health Department at 402-441-8040 for more information.
EcoStores will accept oil and latex paint for a fee and can be reached at 402-477-3606.
What do I do with tires?
Many tire retailers will dispose of used tires for a fee. Another option is recycling tires at the 48th Street Transfer Station. There is a limit of 10 tires per customer and a fee of $3.00 per tire plus a vehicle fee.
What months can I put my leaves and yard waste with my regular garbage?
The ban on the disposal of grass and leaves is April 1—November 30. During this time, residents can subscribe for a special collection; compost or mulch; contract with a private lawn service or haul your material to the 48th Street Transfer Station. From December 1st through March 31st, grass and leaves can be mixed with household trash.
Managing Yard Waste
Will the City come to my house and either drop off wood chips/compost or pick up my recyclables?
The City will only deliver wood chips and compost to homes if one orders 20 cubic yards or more, which is equivalent to 2 dump truck loads. There is a fee for delivery. The City will not pick up any recyclables at residences.
Private Curbside Recyclers
Where can I get compost?
The City of Lincoln makes compost from the grass and leaves they collect from the public. The compost is called LinGro and can be purchased at some of the local nurseries and garden centers. In the Spring, free compost is made available to the public at the 48th Street Transfer Station. This only happens in the spring and it is available on a first come, first serve basis.
Compost Information
Where do I recycle my Christmas tree?
There will be sites available from December 26th through the first week in January where you can recycle your tree. Contact 402-441-8215 for the collection site nearest you.
Christmas Tree Recycling Program
How can I promote recycling where I work?
There are many recycling opportunities available to businesses. Contact WasteCap of Nebraska Remote Site at 402-436-2384 for a free waste assessment and information on recycling opportunities.

Recycling Operations