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Clopyralid-Containing Herbicides

Clopyralid-Containing Herbicides

The following table lists all clopyralid-containing products registered by the Nebraska Department of Agriculture. If a lawn service company applies fertilizer and Herbicide to your lawn, ask if they use any of the products listed in the table. If they do, request they change to a non-clopyralid product for killing broad leaf weeds, such as dandelions and crab grass. If you decide to use any of the products listed in this table, please mulch your grass clippings on your lawn. By mulching your grass clippings, you will save mowing time, reduce lawn service and disposal costs, and return valuable nutrients to your turf. Your actions can aid the City in reducing the amount of clopyralid in its compost.

(Information from Kelly Solutions web site:

Herbicides Registered in Nebraska Containing Clopyralid
Product Name EPA Reg. No. Registration Status Percent
Accent Gold Herbicide 352-593 Active 51.7
Andersons Golf Products Turf Fertilizer 18-5-9 with Millennium Ultra Herbicide 228-343-9198 Active 0.094
Award Professional Millennium Weed & Feed 228-343-57131 Active 0.094
Battleship Herbicide 228-371-5905 Active 1.3
Confront Herbicide 62719-92 Active 12.1
Curtail Herbicide 62719-48 Active 5.1
Curtail M 62719-86 Active 5
Dupont Accent Gold WDG Herbicide 352-612 Active 51.4
Earl May Midwest Select Weed & Feed 32-3-5 228-343-9198 Active 0.094
Earl May Midwest Select Winter Weed & Feed 24-4-14 228-343-9198 Active 0.094
Fertilizer Plus Confront Broadleaf Weed Control 62719-262-538 Inactive 0.18
Greenview Preen 'N Green Lawns 961-390 Active 0.18
Hornet 62719-253 Active 62.5
Hornet WDG 62719-315 Active 60
Howard Johnson's Weed & Feed with Millennium Ultra 228-343-32802 Active 0.094
Lawn Science 20-5-10 LS 621 Pro Series Millenium Ultra Weed & Feed 228-343-1381 Active 0.094
Lebanon Proscape Homogeneous Fertilizer w/ Confront Herbicide 19-2-9 62719-262-961 Active 0.18
Lebanon Proscape Homogeneous Fertilizer w/Confron & Team 19-3-9 961-391 Active 0.18
Lesco Momentum Premium Selective Herbicide (062444) 228-321-10404 Active 1.3
Lontrel Turf and Ornamental 62719-305 Active 40.9
Momentum Premium Weed & Feed 228-340-10404 Active 0.028
Redeem R & P 62719-337 Active 12.1
Riverdale Millennium Ultra Plus Selective Herbicide 228-382 1st year of Inactive 0.82
Riverdale Millennium Ultra Selective Herbicide 228-322 1st year of Inactive 5.09
Riverdale Trupower Selective Herbicide 228-323 1st year of Inactive 5.18
Scorpion III 62719-264 Inactive 25
Stinger Herbicide 62719-73 Active 40.9
Strike 3 Ultra 228-374-1381 Active 1.98
Tee Time 18-5-9 with Millennium Ultra Herbicide 228-343-9198 Active 0.094
The Andersons Prof Turf Products 16-4-8 w/ Millennium Ultra Herb & PCSCU 228-343-9198 Active 0.094
Transline 62719-259 Active 40.9

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