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LinGro - City of Lincoln's Compost


Testimonials from LinGro Users

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Below are some testimonials of individuals that have used LinGro Compost.

Robert Thompson - Homeowner and Gardener
"Lincoln's LinGro Compost is so complete that I use it on my garden, flowers and lawn. The humic acid level is perfect for breaking apart the soil and letting the roots of my plants run deep. I've gardened for 60 years and made my own compost, but I could never get enough. Now that Lincoln's LinGro Compost is available I know I can get all I need."
Don Derringer - Sod Grower
"I'm sold on it! Any time you can improve the health of your soil you can expect the turf to perform. I've been recommending that homeowners use Lincoln's LinGro Compost for years and I've heard nothing but praise. I encourage all home buyers to enrich their soil with Lincoln's LinGro Compost for prettier color, less disease and a healthier lawn."
Steve Nosal - City of Lincoln's Park and Recreation Department
"Ever since I first tried Lincoln's LinGro Compost it has worked wonderfully. We used LinGro Compost in all public gardens to enhance and improve the structure of the soil. LinGro compost is the only compost addition we use in our parks including the Sunken Gardens. Lincoln's LinGro Compost has the perfect pH and texture which makes it just right for everything from flower beds to gardens."
Don Janssen - Lancaster County Horticulturist
"I use LinGro Compost because of its great texture and high quality. I can never get enough. It's such great stuff I never use it as a mulch, I always work it into the soil. Lincoln's LinGro Compost has given new life to many of my plants both indoors and out. I have used it on several poor quality soil sites and have seen a tremendous increase in the quality, quantity, and vigor of the plants. For potted plants, vegetable and flower gardens I use LinGro Compost.
Steve Owen - Homeowner
"We recently built a new home in Lincoln. Prior to installing sod I rototilled three inches of LinGro Compost into the soil. My lawn is a darker green than my neighbors and I have not had any problems with weeds because the grass is very thick. When I water, the grass absorbs all the water while my neighbor's water runs off his lawn out into the street. I'm glad I took the time to add LinGro Compost to my soil because it has enhanced my property and added more curb appeal to our new home."

LinGro - City of Lincoln's Compost