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LinGro - City of Lincoln's Compost

Test Results

LinGro Compost Chemical Analysis

The City of Lincoln began its grass and leaf compost sampling and testing program in the summer of 1989. Since that time the city conducts quarterly sampling of the finished composts and analyzes its nutrient and physical characteristics. Due to concern with the variety of lawn chemicals used on urban lawns, the City conducts a chemical analysis of over 60 commonly used herbicides and pesticides on an annual basis.

In the early 1990's the City of Lincoln received a grant from the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality to analyze grass and leaf compost relative to existing soils in Lincoln and commercial compost sold through garden centers. Based on this analysis, the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department found that chemical residues found in the City's compost are also found in soils and that the compost does not represent a significant health or environmental risk. In fact, the use of LinGro compost can be beneficial to some soils in diluting chemicals found in the soil.

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LinGro - City of Lincoln's Compost