Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of Solid Waste Plan 2040?
The Solid Waste Plan 2040 will be a guidance document, communication tool, and resource for policy decisions regarding solid waste management systems, facilities, and programs.
What will the planning process involve?
The key planning milestones include the following:
  • A definition of the existing systems.
  • An assessment of current and future needs.
  • An evaluation of solid waste systems, facilities, and program alternatives.
  • A refined definition of systems, facilities, and programs.
  • A final solid waste management plan.
Who is preparing the Solid Waste Plan 2040?
The Solid Waste Plan 2040 process is being guided by the Public Works and Utilities Department, the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department and an Advisory Committee comprised of a broad cross-section of community leaders. A solid waste specialty consultant has also been retained to aid in the plan development.
When will the plan be completed?
The Solid Waste Plan 2040 is anticipated to be presented for approval in late fall of 2013.
How do I get more information or provide input?
Visit the contact page to be added to the mailing list, ask a question, or provide input.
Will the public have an opportunity to review and comment on various options being considered for the solid waste management plan?
Yes, you can comment on topics and options when they are presented at Advisory Committee meetings or via any of the options listed on the Contact page.
If I can't attend one of the meetings how do I provide input?
You can provide input at any time during the planning process via a comment form found on the Contact or Committee pages on the website, by leaving a voicemail message via the project phone line at (402) 441-7738, by sending an e-mail to or send your written comments to the following mailing address:
Solid Waste Plan 2040
5101 N. 48th Street
Lincoln, NE 68504