Hydrant Meter Permit

Issuance of Permit and Deposit

  1. Hydrant Permit Application must be completed from the LWS shop at 2021 N 27th (402-441-5940).
  2. Deposits
    Meter Size Permit Deposit
    1" $250.00
    3" $850.00

Monthly Billing and Collection

  1. A $1.50 a day rental charge (including Saturdays and Sundays) is billed until the meter is returned to LWS.
  2. 2. Water usage is billed at the rate of $1.50 per hundred cubic feet.
    1. The usage is based on the read communicated to the business office by the permittee. The permittee can either phone/fax or email in their read, submit online, or return the "Meter Usage Card" to the business office.
    2. If the permittee fails to communicate the meter usage for the monthly billing period, LWS will assess a $100 fee as follows:
      • $75 As a usage charge. This usage charge will be applied against actual water consumption upon communication of the meter read.
      • $25 This is a late read fee. This is a non-refundable fee for each billing period.
  3. If the permittee fails to communicate the meter usage for two billing periods, the permit is revoked and the hydrant meter is subject to confiscation.

Return of Hydrant Meters and Deposit

All Hydrants Meters must be turned in annually by December 31. All repair charges are borne by the permittee.

A payment voucher will be issued for refund of deposit less final billing amounts and any other past due charges. If costs exceed the deposit, a billing will be made to the permittee for the remainder due.