About the Artist: Andrea Riley

Andrea Riley is an artist living in Lincoln, Nebraska. Her works in oil and acrylic reflect her love of the natural world and its beauty.

She captures this beauty in a way that is sophisticated and uncomplicated. She has been painting as a hobby for years but only recently have her paintings been available to the public. Andrea's artwork has been shown at the Burkholder Project and the Lincoln Community Playhouse Gallery.

Artwork Interpretation: "Wetland Whimsy"

My painting is a simple homage to the wetlands, inspired by the shapes and forms of the species that inhabit them. My design limits use of color to achieve a calming, elegant view of a complex subject matter by stripping it down to its most basic and beautiful parts.

I want the viewer to know that the beauty of nature can be found all over Lincoln--even in the cattails growing alongside the trail on Highway 2, which gave me the inspiration for this design!