About the Artist: Becky Lamb

Becky Lamb currently works at a foodservice distributor in Lincoln as a marketing director. Becky has a B.F.A. from Doane College where she majored in Graphic Design. She is a batik artist and participated in the ACross Lincoln art project in 2008.

Becky enjoys sharing her gift with the youth at her church through a special art ministry program. Her family and friends are a constant source of encouragement and inspiration in each new piece she creates.

Artwork Interpretation: "Batik Barrel"

The Batik Barrel was inspired by my love for batik. Batik is a painting on fabric with dyes and a wax resist. Batik is often recognized for its dark veins or lines. These lines are created when the layers of wax are cracked. A final layer of dye is applied and allowed to penetrate the cracks. My favorite phase of the painting is removing that last layer of wax. It's a bit of a mystery how the painting is going to turn out.

Recreating the look of batik on a rain barrel was a challenge. I had a plan in mind to create the veins but after trial and error, I resorted to painting the veins by hand and am pleased with the result.