About the Artist: Community Alternatives Nebraska Senior Center, Lizzie Gillaspie

At Community Alternatives Nebraska, we provide quality support and services in a variety of residential and vocational settings to people with developmental disabilities and mental illness.

At the Senior Center we provide a daytime opportunity for seniors with developmental disabilities to participate in activities and outings. We started a memorial Rose Garden in memory of our friends that have passed away. For the past several years we have planted and grown countless flowers and vegetables. The garden is beautiful; we take much pride in it. We make birdhouses out of the gourds we grow and sell them to earn money to buy seeds for the garden.

We have made several baked goods and salads out of the fruits and vegetables. We also enjoy crafts, games, reading books and magazines, watching movies, and celebrating each others birthdays. We had a lot of fun creating this rain barrel and will be looking for other ways to get each other more interested in earth friendly art.

Artwork Interpretation: "Somewhere Over the Rainbow..."

Rain + Sunshine = Rainbows

Without either, we would have neither,
With neither, we would have nothing.