About the Artist: Chris Thody

I am a native of in Lancaster County, Nebraska, living in Lincoln, then north of Waverly, near Rock Creek, and now in Southwest County. Growing up with wildlife in my backyard, and a family of outdoor enthusiasts, I gained an appreciation for nature and natural systems.

Throughout my adult life I have loved to watch birds. In 1993, I returned to UNL to pursue a degree in Fisheries and Wildlife, to have the chance to turn something I love into a career. I've been working with the Tern and Plover Conservation Partnership for the past 10 years, and educate people about these rare birds, along with the importance of water and the Platte River ecosystem.

I was able to pursue my dream with the help of my husband of 25 years, Tyler, and my kids Joe, 22, and Emily, 13. Now I live straight east of Spring Creek Prairie, and enjoy the sights and sounds of birds every day.

Artwork Interpretation: "Saving Water is for the Birds"

The Platte River runs north of Lincoln, and is the source of Lincoln's drinking water. This water is also important to two rare bird species: the Interior Least Tern, state and federally endangered, and the Piping Plover, state and federally threatened. These birds depend on water in the Platte River for their food (terns eat fish; plovers eat aquatic insects). Using rain barrels helps prevent excessive run-off, which prevents contaminants entering our waterways.