About the Artist: Deanna Larson

UNL, Bachelors of Fine Arts 1998

I'm lucky that I enjoy many different forms of creating; painting, sculpting, gardening and cooking are just a few of the areas where I can let my imagination run wild. Creating is my escape. A word, a sound, or even a color, can trigger a new idea and fuel the urge to create, to bring the image in my mind into being. The themes that flow through most of my art are cats, trees, leaves, flowers and birds.

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Artwork Interpretation: "Mesa in the Garden"

To me, cats and gardens belong together.

There is nothing more satisfying than to be weeding the flowers and have a sun toasted cat come and rub against your legs, asking for you to take a break and spend time with them basking in the sun.

This barrel is designed in memory of the cats who have shared my gardens and my life.