About the Artist: Douglas Snow

I am a native Texan, born in Lubbock and raised in and around a large irrigated cotton and grain producing area. While indulged as a youngster, playing in the high volume irrigation of the farm, I became fascinated with water. What was in it, what was underneath its surface and how it affected everyday life? I learned to respect it, as I was growing up, I nearly drowned several times. At age five I became ill with Rheumatic Fever and was bed ridden for over a year. During this period, I developed an interest in art that has lasted me all my life.

After high school, where I lettered in football, track, and basketball, I went to Texas A&M and graduated with a BS Degree. After a year working for the Veterans Administration, I joined the Army and served two tours during the Vietnam conflict. After learning to dive and mustering out of the Army, I opened "Texas Oilfield Divers" in southern Texas and worked as a commercial diver for more than twelve years.

I moved to Nebraska in late 1993 after the floods and have made my home here ever since. I live with my wife and have two spoiled pets at home. We have six children, all professionals in their field, and 10 grandchildren.

Artwork Interpretation: "Harmony"

This work exemplifies the harmony that exists when mankind is able to share with the natural inhabitants of their environment. There is only a set limit of water on the planet. If we make it safe and conserve it for ourselves then in effect we are doing the same for those that live in that aquatic world as well.

I have attempted to portray a situation with a pleasing visual effect. In nature it is rare for the artist to achieve the same colors produced by nature. When we do that, it is an extra bonus. Such is the case in this rendition with the girl feeding a wild fish. The blue-green achieved was an accident, as I had searched to mix the proper colors, but could not attain it. Only when attempting to lighten one mix of color did I stumble across the correct ratios. I hope all will enjoy.

I wish to thank the sponsors of this project for the opportunity to show my work and to allow others to see it. It also has given me a chance to express myself in a work that I have enjoyed doing.