About the Artist: JoAnne Shipperbottom

JoAnne Shipperbottom has lived in Nebraska for 11 years. She is married and has two young children who remind her to be fun and more patient everyday. She has been an artist all her life, but has only done it professionally for the past 9 years. She gave up her office job to become a tattoo artist and enjoys the diversity of the clientele in Lincoln.

The forces of nature have always interested her, but the real power of it was personally realized when her and her husband huddled in a hallway of their home as an F4 tornado roared through their town in 2004. The beauty and the fury can happen within minutes but both make you thankful and in awe of the power of Mother Nature.

Other rain barrels by this artist:
2014: "Pictured Prairie"

Artwork Interpretation: "Mother Nature"

The barrel shows the four elements of nature – earth, wind, fire and water. All are apart of one another and are balanced by each other. The tree (earth) bends but doesn't break as the wind and water do what they are meant to. Each element feeds and depends on the others. Mother Nature, whether we believe it or not, is always in control of it all in the way she deems fit. The thought that it is controlled by something or someone allows us to make sense of it all. Make sense of the calm beauty of a spring day turning into a howling wind storm that is out of our control.

Wishing we could control it, but never being able to. Striving to understand it, hoping to at least predict it as a futile way to feel like we have a say. Having 'Mother Nature' to credit or blame helps us make sense of something out of our reach. Make sense of something that influences every moment of everyday in every season through out our lives.