About the Artist: Julia Lauer-Chéenne

Julia Lauer-Chéenne was born and raised in the Mid West. She left the U.S. in 1974 for two years as a Peace Corps Volunteer at the Ivory Coast. Subsequent years were filled with teaching in France and UNL graduate studies where she earned a Ph.D. in French literature in 1995. A self-taught artist, her specialty is photo collage. Her art treats a range of topics including French couture and Mid West landscapes. Although an avid traveler, she always returns to her native land of skies and fields, a primary source of inspiration.

Over the past twenty years Julia has had solo shows in Lincoln and Chicago, and has won a number of awards including Best of Show in the Faces of Woman in Las Vegas, New Mexico and first place in the Postcard Art Competition Exhibition in Wauconda, Illinois.

Artwork Interpretation: "Floral Fiesta"

Winter 2010. Will spring ever be here again? This rain barrel provided me a pastime of hope. I love tending flowers because of their fragrance, color, and vitality. Lures of nature, I have missed them buried under snow and ice.

Floral Fiesta is a tribute to the delirium of spring, summer, and fall through a progression of celebration: tulips and daffodils in the spring; roses, daisies in the summer, and sunflowers in August. This extravaganza reminds us that soon snow will become rain and flowers shall bloom again.