About the Artist: Kim Boone

Kim Boone was born and raised in the Lincoln area. In 1990, she earned a BFA in Education from UNL. Kim is an Elementary Art Specialist at Arnold Elementary School.

Her teaching experience includes K-6 Art at Raymond Central Elementary School, LPS Saturday Morning Art classes, Bright Lights, Expanding Horizons and the Community Learning Center at Arnold School. Her creative endeavors include drawing, photography, pottery and some freelance work.

Kim enjoys outdoor activities such as gardening, camping, fishing and hiking. Her love of nature was fostered by family camping trips and living briefly on acreage when she was growing up. She now resides in Lincoln with her husband Sam and various pets.

Artwork Interpretation: "Prairie Silhouettes"

When developing my idea, I considered the natural drought resistance of native prairie plants. When used in a landscape, these plants are one way to promote water conservation. I was influenced by the open expanse of prairie in our state. There is nothing more beautiful then walking through a prairie at sunset. These ideas put into motion the final result you see in this work.

I attempted to create a gradation of values in the rendering of the sunset. Blending the hues of the sky with hints of color reflecting throughout as it gradually darkens. The lines of the plants create leads of movement and an uneven rhythm within the work. I chose to use silhouettes of the plants to create high contrast against an evening sky. These silhouettes represent not only the plants themselves but also the impermanent aspects of our prairies.