About the Artist: LSW Art Club Sponsored by Melissa Mordy

The Lincoln Southwest High School Art Club is a group of students who are interested in fine and applied arts. The club meets after school and is open to any LSW students who are interested. This is our second year participating in the Artistic Rain Barrel program.

As a club we have worked on many other projects throughout the year that involved pottery, photography, textiles, and painting. The club really allows the member's creativity to flow!

Other rain barrels by this artist:
2009: "Conserve Water, Preserve Life"

Artwork Interpretation: "Taking Flight"

We chose the topic of Sandhill Cranes because of their importance in Nebraska and the way they are affected by water conservation. Sandhill Cranes pass through Nebraska on their long migration route, and their stop at the Platte River is a vital one on their journey.

The Platte River is also deeply impacted by whether or not we choose to conserve water, and if the Platte River is in danger, then so are the cranes. Seeing the cranes at sunset on the Platte River is truly a spectacular sight, and it is one that we do not want to lose.