About the Artist: Mary Miller

Mary Miller is a Lincoln native who has worked in media and publication design most of her professional career. For the past ten years, she has also designed and crafted textile art.

After living in New Mexico, California, and Virginia, Miller and her family returned to Nebraska in 1996. Here, she was employed by her alma mater, UNL, until early retirement lured her in 2006. Currently, she is co-owner of a cinnamon-roasted snack business called Totally Nuts.

Artwork Interpretation: "RAZZLE DAZZLE"

Inspired by the magic of rain, this piece combines fancy with function. Who doesn't love to stomp barefoot in curb water? Or read on the porch during a gentle spring shower? Or dance in a summer downpour after a hot, dry spell?

I dedicate this design to the 4th grade art class at Randolph Elementary school for sharing their work space, their enthusiasm and terrific title suggestions.