About the Artist: Parkview Christian School, Deb McVeigh

Parkview Christian School is a fully accredited pre-k through 12th grade school located in Northwest Lincoln. Parkview was established in 1980 and exists to partner with parents in moving students toward their God-given potential through biblical instruction, character accountability, a challenging curriculum and appropriate co-curricular opportunities.

Under the supervision of the Art Instructor, Deb McVeigh, several students have collaborated on this project.

Artwork Interpretation: "Greater Things Are Yet To Come"

Parkview Christian School depicts a bridge connecting the seasons of life balanced by flowing waters. On the horizon, the Capitol building is illuminated by a rainbow--the promise of good things yet to come. A fawn rests amidst the beauty of spring. Growing near the water, the deeply rooted tree of life thrives despite the harsh periods of autumn and winter. The bench along the bicycle path offers a panorama of life.